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April Outdates

Spring is here which means there are even more wonderful things for us to do together.

Let's start with what is an outdate?

We call them out dates because it is just that a date that takes place outside of the Mustang Ranch. Even though our date will happen away from the ranch for all or part of the time it is still booked here at the Mustang Ranch before we start, more on that later. An outdate is one of my favorite dates because it allows things to flow naturally and without rush. It is also my most optimal investment point because we do get to experience things together and add our own spice once or multiple times, again with out rush or pressure.

How does an outdate work?

An outdate can be booked on just a walk in appointment, which generally works for a casual dinner or a movie however appointments are the best way to make sure everything flows smoothly. With that being said, once you know the date and time you would like to come visit you schedule an appointment. Then the excitement starts with us planning our time together. We can do anything from a few hours to several days. From local places here in Reno to taking time on a road trip or Vegas. It all comes down to what we plan.

Why an outdate vs a few hours at the Ranch?

Yes a few hours at the Mustang Ranch is a wonderful experience in itself with all of the suites, pools and play rooms, however we can have those things plus more with an outdate. If we play first then go on an adventure away from the ranch but end our time back there with more fun. Another scenario is to go away for a couple days and just enjoy each other, the sites and the memories, no telling how many times we can play. I could keep going but there are so many options for us to take things to the next level with an outdate.

Now that you have a general idea of an outdate here are a few I would love to experience with you!

Ashlyn Sparks Vegas
Ashlyn Sparks Vegas
  • The Reno Aces are back at GNCU field vs the Sacramento River cats and Salt Lake Bees

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore - Comes out April 15

  • MAGIQUE at The Theatre; Reno’s wonderfully intimate and newest performing arts venue.

  • Easter - Yes I will be here for the holiday!

  • VEGAS! - this is on every outdate list because there is always something exciting to do and there are always new things in Vegas. Believe me I will show you Vegas like you have never experienced, which has nothing to do with just drinking and gambling!

These are just a few of the outdate ideas I have for April but there are so many more we can plan together. Also outdates can be just a social time, or include play time, are multiply hours and placed at an investment point that is the most beneficial to our experience being the best it can be.

My April tour is only the 7th till the 20th! Make sure you reach out ASAP so we can have an amazing time together!

Ashlyn Sparks Vegas
Ashlyn Sparks Vegas

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