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  • Ashlyn Sparks

Here are the answers you're looking for...

How can I see you?

You have started in the right place, here you will find the answers to most questions. Should we have met before, please feel free to contact me through our usual means of communication or by email.

If you are a new client, please fill out the "start an adventure" page. If you would like to book virtual services, refer to my Virtual Services page for instructions (or you can join my OnlyFans!)

What is your screening process?

Currently, I accept screening in the following forms; employment verification, 2 verified provider references within 6 months, or P411. For alternative screening processes please include that in your booking form or email.

Do I need a reference to see you?

No, an alternative to having references is outlined on my "start an adventure" page, although I encourage you to provide them if you have them. Your full name, phone number, and email are required in both scenarios. I’d also encourage you to add a few fun facts about yourself and a light description.

The key is chemistry, and I hope I have provided you with sufficient visual and topical clues about myself at this point to intrigue you. Chemistry is key and I hope that I have added enough visual and topical clues about myself here, at this point, to pique your interest!

What is your deposit policy?

Depending on the adventure we are embarking on, a required deposit of 20%-50% is due at booking. When booking a bring me to you adventure, a deposit is required, along with travel and lodging.

Why do I need to place a deposit?

Despite the fact that I hesitated to ask for deposits for over two years, the uncertainty and consequence-free last-minute cancellations were adversely affecting my business.

If you are uncomfortable with the level of risk that a deposit entails, be respectful and understanding of the reasons providers ask for them, and then simply move on to someone who suits you better.

How do you accept deposits?

A deposit is required for all bookings. I offer several discreet options for putting down your deposit. If I ever need to cancel the date for any reason, I will promptly return your deposit or move to a future adventure.

Select gift cards can be purchased with cash in retail stores and the redemption code forwarded to me, in addition, select digital gift cards is an option.

What is your cancellation policy?

A deposit confirms your date. As such, if you put down a deposit and cancel our date for any reason, you forfeit your deposit. If I need to cancel our date, I will promptly return your deposit.

Do you see couples?

Of course! I require a two-hour minimum for couples. Also, add 50% to my normal fee. Both members of a couple must contact me separately to ensure you are both game for this adventure, and must be screened to ensure my safety.

Do you offer duos?

If you would like, I'd be happy to have a sexy girlfriend (or two, or three, or however many you want) join us! It would be my pleasure to introduce you to a few of my favorite girlfriends.

If you have a certain someone in mind, please provide information about who you are interested in joining us as I am open to the possibility of meeting other intriguing people. I must meet her prior (or have a phone conversation if she is out of state) to assess if she and I are a fit. I require a two-hour minimum and both rates apply.

Do you offer "XYZ" service?

An experience is what I offer. If you are solely interested in fulfilling a checklist of acronyms, I’m not the provider for you and I strongly encourage you to seek companionship elsewhere. In addition please do not ask, request or infer unsafe practices.

Are you available for same-day engagements?

Due to the volume of inquiries I receive, general "are you available?" queries are unlikely to get a response. Your best bet is to complete my booking form with your location and desired date details — these detailed inquiries get the quickest response from me.

I strongly encourage inquiries to be booked twenty-four hours or more in advance. Please be mindful, I live a full life outside of being Ashlyn and same-day requests, aside from social time are likely to be declined

May I see you "off the clock"?

Even though I am flattered that you would like to spend more time with me, I only participate in dates where I am compensated for my time.

Do you accept tips or gifts?

First of all, thank you for your generosity! I love receiving both physical gifts and e-gift cards (or just a note or e-card to say that you are thinking of me). Here is my wishlist and more information on what gifts I enjoy.

I can not afford an adventure. Can I negotiate?

My rates are non-negotiable. As a result of my level of attention and energy, my rates are set accordingly. I consider anything resembling negotiations an insult.

When will you come to my city?

As a non-touring provider, I only visit locations where my time has been pre-arranged and planned. On occasion, I will travel for events or photoshoots, and can arrange limited time together. These are shared in my newsletter and social media.

Do you travel?

Yes, I am passport-ready and available for FMTY/travel dates anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide.

Do you have date ideas or wishes?

Yes! you can find my adventure wish list here. There is everything from events in the next few weeks to my all-time date/event/adventure wish list. I can not wait to experience one with you!

Can I request an outfit?

My best effort will be made to accommodate any requests you make if you see an outfit you like in my gallery or on social media during my home hours. If you would like me to wear something I do not own, you are also welcome to purchase it and bring it to our date or send it beforehand.

What is the best way to contact you?

Please fill out my "start an adventure" page, or email your booking and screening info to


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