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The 5 W's of a Professional Girlfriend

Professional Girlfriend Ashlyn Sparks GFE
Professional Girlfriend Ashlyn Sparks

One of my favorite parts of being a legal sex worker at the Mustang Ranch in Sparks, Nevada is being a legal professional girlfriend. No acronyms, no hiding behind being just an escort or a sugar baby but being a genuinely professional girlfriend from public to private, safely, discreetly, legal and consensual. Let's talk about the who, what, where, when, and why of having a professional girlfriend.

Who hires a Professional Girlfriend?

The answer may surprise you but really almost any genre, gender, social class, race/ethnicity, relationship status, and sexual preference have been a client of mine. In my experience, I have had everything from virgins who want to learn to be better partners in and out of the bedroom, to couples who want to have a third in their dynamic with clear boundaries and to help them grow. There are the singles who don't want the stresses of dating or the time-consuming part of trying to date. The who is not really as narrow as you think and is a direct correlation to the why, which we will get to shortly.

What is a Professional Girlfriend?

For me, as a legal sex worker (prostitute) it is a transactional relationship that is determined by our mutual agreement that is completely legal in all aspects which may or may not include sexual intimacy. A professional girlfriend can attend events, be romantic, go on dates, full fill needs and desires, the list is really only limited to what you come to an agreement on with what you are looking for.

Where can I find a Professional Girlfriend?

To see me you have to come to the Mustang Ranch in Sparks, Nevada. Only at a legal brothel in Nevada are all services legal and safe. Anything outside of there is a grey area, also each brothel has its own regulations. However, at the Mustang Ranch where I currently work, we can play here, go on dates, the possibilities are extensive.

When can I hire a Professional Girlfriend?

That all starts with you and what you are looking for. Just need a girlfriend for a couple of hours, days, ongoing, etc well that all comes down to what we agree on. Some services are all in person while others may be digital or a mix of both. It is having the girlfriend you want when you want without the drama, strings, or similar.

Why hire a Professional Girlfriend?

This is really the core of things. Why? My answer is always why not? You get clear communication with a professional who wants you to be satisfied, successful and supportive. You have a professional who knows how to make great memories with you, help you grow emotionally, and be more focused on what makes you happy. You have clear boundaries, you can be clear on what you want and not have any of the drama, stress, or strings of conventional dating. The "why" is really different in almost every person I have seen or met with but it comes to the core of if you want something to be the best it can be for YOU then hire a professional. If you want to learn more about intimacy, relationships, or just have a companion, hire a professional. You are too busy to date, you are lonely, you are not confident to date yet, just broke up, want to spice things up, want to learn or try something new, need someone to be there for you, I really could go on and on but at the end, it comes to professional girlfriends really do have a solid purpose and need, so that is why.

So after reading this would you hire a professional girlfriend? What would be your why or why not?

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Professional Girlfriend Ashlyn Sparks

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Professional Girlfriend Ashlyn Sparks