• Ashlyn Sparks

This is your career choice ?!?

When you say sex work most people think porn or strippers, however there are many forms of sex work out there. In my case I am a legal prostitute and I love my career. Yes, I said career. When I started in the industry over 10 years ago, I was unsure what to expect since the misconceptions and lack of first hand accounts are so limited. Now I look back at all the places, opportunities and freedom this choice has given me. Also all of the amazing things to come as I head into the next stages of my career.

How can you be a prostitute and be happy? Are you safe? Are you clean? The comments and judgement that come with being in sex work are always, well let’s say interesting if not rude but they mount even more when you are a full service sex worker. That is right it is a service provided, which is the part I love the most. Being the person that people go to for excitement, intimacy education and so much more is wonderful. It is very empowering and satisfying to know you helped a couple, yes I service couples, reach a new level of connection. When I see a person, because yes I service all genders, gains confidence and new self esteem because they had positive experiences with a professional. There are so many similar stories I could share and none of them are based in a negative space. I choose my career because it is safe, I am tested, I get to choose to do what I want for my business.

There are so many ways I refer to my career outside of just saying the usual prostitute, courtesan, escort, harlot, call girl or companion. Being a memory maker, professional girlfriend, fantasy full-filler, intimacy coach, sex advisor, professional unicorn plus so many more. Somedays for me are something new and a new person to connect with. While others are clients I have known and connected with for years. The defining terms of this career are so fluid and ever changing. It is a great accomplishment to say I have had clients for years but still get new ones with new needs, wants, and experiences that I get to make happen for them.

To define career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress. Yes, I fully resemble and reflect this.

To define success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This is something I get to do almost daily.

To define happy is the feeling or showing pleasure or contentment, which is not only how I feel but get to make others feel.

As a modern day woman in the world’s oldest profession, I am successful, happy and satisfied with my career.