• Ashlyn Sparks

Which adventure...?

Your Girlfriend Adventure

The most intimate experience I offer. The girlfriend experience or GFE, is just that I am your girlfriend for the day, the night and more...

From kissing, hand holding, and getting to know you intimately which make the connection deeper both physically and mentally.

Our encounter can be short term or long term; it will be everything you want. I am natural giver and only know how to give you all of me genuinely.

Our time together is all about giving you all of me. My focus is on you and me connecting. No phones, no work, and no stress.

We can plan our time together in advance or on short notice. Our time can be something we plan together, I plan for us or you can sweep us away. When we are together it is all about satisfying, happiness and filling needs.

No Drama ~ No Stress ~ No Worries

I am the girlfriend you want to see and get excited to see.

Have that exhilaration stomach swoop when we email, the tingle in your fingers when we hold hands, every moment together is like the first but with a woman who is what you want and need when you need it.

Fantasy Adventure

This is all about living out your fantasies and those naughty thoughts we all have from time to time. I love to role play with you and it goes far beyond just changing an outfit or calling you Sir.

Everyone has that thought when their co-worker or assistant bends over too long and you get a peek of her panties...oh and they are your favorite color or not there at all. Wouldn't it be great to touch and feel without worrying about the HR department.

How about that time you saw the neighbor girl getting ready and not wearing a bra. Her nipples are hard and begging you to touch them and kiss all of her lips. No worrying about what anyone will say as she is taking you to climax on her knees.

We all have a friend with the hot wife on her wedding day. What if you got to taste, kiss and climax with her first before she walks down the aisle. Her white dress lifting for you to see and play with.

The possibilities are endless and I love to be exactly what you want and need! Let's make your fantasy happen!

Overnight Adventure

This is experience can be day or night but is when just a few hours is not enough. With an overnight it can be one night or several days together. My extended time package is designed to take our time together to the next level.

There is nothing more relaxing then me waking you up with my mouth craving more of you. Taking all the time we want to touch, kiss and climax.

Cuddling into your arms and feeling our breathing as we drift off to sleep. Our bodies exhausted from bringing new levels to our intimacy.

My time is all about you and what we can experience together. Taking a trip to Vegas to go gambling to a show or any trouble we can find without restrictions on time or activities. We can have a day just gambling with private intermissions in our suite. We can see a show and then let me give you a show.

The possibilities are endless with an overnight package and is completely legal to travel anywhere you want to go in Nevada. Have everything you want just the way you want it, with a lady who is all about you!

Two Girl Adventure

When one women giving you everything you want is not enough let's add another one or more. Working with so many beautiful and talented ladies we can give you every fantasy you can dream or wish.

Watch us kiss, touch, play with toys and moan with pleasure until you can't take it and join us. With multiply ladies there is no part of your body that will go without all at the same time.

Have your time with my friend while you two are going at it and I am watching and playing with myself in the corner until bursting then we switch...Can you handle it?

One lady over your face while the other lady is riding you and her and I are kissing, touching breasts and craving more and more of you!

We have every type and style lady you could want or need. From hair color to body style you can have whatever you want and we all play together wonderfully. Every lady you can choose from is all about giving you the time of your life.

Let's connect and make your fantasy a reality in a safe, discreet, and legal way!

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