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Worn Items

I have always been passionate about selling specialty items. These unique items hold a special place in my heart as they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also have a story to tell. This allows me to combine my love of pleasing others with my creativity and gives me the opportunity to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Did you see something in a post that you really liked?

There is nothing more sensual...

Slipping on a pair of panties I know will soon be with you...

Worn Panties - Several Styles - Variety of colors -

All kinds of material Included for you...

Starting at $150 a pair

- Personal Note

- 1 Day Wear

- 5 Printed Pictures

- Wrapped/Sealed Item

- Discreet Packaging

- Tracked shipping

Extra Add-Ons for YOU...

- + Day Wear +$10(day)

- 10 Additional Pictures +$20

- 5 Minute Custom Video in item +$50

- Masturbate in Item +$30

- Day Review of Wear +$20

- Stuffing (before they are sent out) +25

- Special Adventure Wear +50

Verified on all major specialty item sites 

Ready for something special...
Thank you for your interest in my worn items...I look forward to sending you something special! 

OnlyFans - Buy items and chat directly with me. This is the main place I chat and to see everything about me. Let's build a connection. 

ManyVids ~ Items & Videos 

Buy items, videos & etc directly and discreetly on Manyvids.  

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